No matter who you are hair gel can be a huge help in getting the hairstyle just right. It can hold down those pesky hairs that just won’t stay in place or add some verticality to your look. Whatever you need it for, making sure you get the best hair gel out there is important. Thankfully we have gone and found the best hair gels on the market right now just for you.

Editors Notes: When purchasing products from Amazon lately there has been an issue with third party companies selling knock off or used versions of the products. It is important that when purchasing through Amazon to double check the seller at checkout and make sure they are approved by the company the product is by.

Best Hair Gel For Long Hair

Image of Biolage styling gelee.

Biolage Styling Gelee

Price: $17.00 ($1.01 / Fl Oz)

Rating: 9.25/10 based on 2,700+ reviews


  • Adds body, shine, and control with a firm hold.
  • Great for curly hair.
  • Holds for a long time.
  • Easy to wash out.


  • Towards the end of its wear time, it gets powdery if messed with.
  • Sticky.

Best Hair Gel For Short/Medium Hair

Image of Johnny B. Mode styling gel.

Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel

Price: $27.00 ($.84 / Fl Oz)

Rating: 95/10 based on 8,700+ reviews


  • Decent hold strength with a lot of shine.
  • No flake formula.
  • Makes your hair look thicker.
  • Can be restyled by just wetting your hair slightly.
  • Easy to wash out.


  • Gel scent is very strong (not necessarily a bad scent but it gets old after a while).
  • This product really struggles with counterfeit sellers so really make sure to double-check who you are buying from at checkout.

Best Strong Hold Gel

Image of Gummy hair gel.

Gummy Hair Gel

Price: $10.90 ($0.32 / Fl Oz)

Rating: 9.25/10 based on 1,200+ reviews


  • Hair gel offers an extreme hold.
  • Great for created structured hair shapes.
  • Smells good.


  • Flakey after a long day of wearing.
  • Weak container.
  • Sticky to the touch.

Best All-Around Hair Gel

Image of Got2b styling gel.

Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel

Price: $6.02 ($0.83 / Fl Oz)

Rating: 9.2/10 based on 14,200+ reviews


  • Hair gel offers a strong hold.
  • Easy to wash out.
  • Is not sticky on your hands.
  • Flake resistant formula.
  • Great for wigs.


  • Struggles with edge control.
  • Begins to turn white after a long day of wearing it.

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