With some of us at Objective Reviews being avid pokemon fans along with the recent rise in pokemon TCG interest we decided to make it easier for people to get into the pokemon card game. Below are a list of all the TCG sets for the new generation and what price rarety each set is currently pulling. There are three things to note about the prices below for those looking to buy. Singles are purchasable for each set listed and go for around $5 apiece. The lot prices are taken directly from Pokemon’s website which gets restocks sporadically, so if a set it out of stock now keep checking back. Finally, each individual card prices are taken from TCG player and are subject to change based on market interest. Happy collecting!

Sword And Shield “Base Set”

Price: $143.64 for 36 packs

#1 Zacian V (Secret) $53.79

Zamazenta V (Secret) $37.59

Marnie (Secret) $34.60

Sword And Shield “Rebel Clash”

Price: $39.99 for elite trainer box (10 packs + more goodies)

Frosmoth (Secret) $32.37

Boss’s Orders (Secret) $29.07

Galarian Perrserker (Secret) $24.46

Sword And Shield “Darkness Ablaze”

Price: $143.64 for 36 packs

Charizard VMAX $86.55

Rillaboom (Secret) $28.93

Salamence VMAX (Secret) $21.32

Sword ANd Shield “Champions Path”

Price: $49.99 for elite trainer box (10 packs + more goodies)

Charizard VMAX (Secret) $351.93

Chavizard V (Secret) $303.83

Gardevoir VMAX (Secret) $16.60

Sword ANd Shield “Vivid Voltage”

Price: $143.64 for 36 packs

Pikachu VMAX (Secret) $242.38

Pikachu V (Full Art) $41.37

Nessa (Secret) $34.18

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